Jun 22 2022

In this edition of our Fed Wrap Market Update, Ryan Weldon, from IFM’s Debt Investments Team in New York, discusses the US Federal Reserve’s aggressive 75 basis point tightening and the importance of future inflation data for the monetary policy outlook.

Jun 20 2022

Customer and community stewardship are high on the agenda at Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITR), the company managing the 157-mile-long toll road stretching across Northern Indiana in the US.

May 23 2022

In this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update, Chief Economist Alex Joiner discusses the recent deterioration in the global growth outlook in response to mounting inflation and wage pressures. Central banks now face the daunting task of tightening monetary policy just enough to slow inflation without tipping the global economy into recession.

May 20 2022

By switching to renewable sources of energy, creating energy efficiencies and utilising waste heat technology to power its district heating, Vienna Airport is creating operational efficiencies and reducing its emissions. The airport has reduced its scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 85% since 2012. Ongoing action aims to transition the airport to carbon neutrality by 2023.

May 6 2022

In this edition of our Fed Wrap Market Update, Ryan Weldon, from IFM’s Debt Investments Team in New York, discusses the US Federal Reserve’s decision to lift interest rates another 25 basis points whilst ruling out aggressive 75bp hikes for the time being. The Fed is hoping to engineer a soft landing, but this remains far from certain.

Apr 26 2022

This article is Part One of a four-part series of excerpts from our Infrastructure Outlook Report, which highlights some of the areas we believe investors will hear a lot about. This article details one of those areas – the focus on decarbonising existing infrastructure portfolios.

May 27 2022

With the support of funding through IFM’s 2021 Community Grants Program, the Port of Brisbane is partnering with social enterprise and landcare group Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee to restore a degraded waterway in Brisbane. The project is expected to support the local ecosystem and wildlife, as well as create social benefits relating to educational and employment pathways for local high school students and other members of the community. 

Mar 30 2022

Helen Tu, Associate Director Debt Investments, explains how the IFM Treasury Services Team has been working closely with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to introduce exposure to Green Term Deposits and ESG Term Deposits into IFM-managed cash portfolios.

Mar 29 2022

With inflation accelerating globally, Australian interest rate markets are now pricing in over 300 basis points of monetary policy tightening over the next two years. Kashi Trathen, Associate Director, Debt Investments, discusses whether or not this market pricing is realistic.

Mar 22 2022

The challenges of the last two years have provided an opportunity to examine every aspect of our business. As we have adapted our operations to respond to pandemic impacts, we have also reflected on the value of our active stewardship approach in supporting our assets and investors; the resilience of our investment strategy; and the role we can play in helping to build back better.

Mar 21 2022

In this edition of our Fed Wrap Market Update, Ryan Weldon, from IFM’s Debt Investments Team in New York, discusses the US Federal Reserve’s decision to commence policy tightening, with a 25 basis point rate hike at the March FOMC meeting, and what he believes will be the main drivers of future Fed policy decisions in 2022.

Mar 10 2022

Beyond ethical and moral imperatives, we recognise that failing to protect the labour and human rights of working people poses investment risks through unsustainable business models, reputation impacts and regulatory costs. Our approach to managing modern slavery risks in our operational and investment supply chains is built on the principles of prioritisation, influence and collaboration.

Feb 10 2022

How realistic is it to believe that infrastructure assets are destined to fall in value as interest rates rise? Michael Landman, Executive Director, explains that although theory suggests an inverse relationship, this misses an important factor - the “natural hedge” that some infrastructure assets have due to their inflation and growth linkages. This hedge can help insulate infrastructure portfolios from the negative valuation impacts of rising rates.

Feb 3 2022

In this edition of our Fed Wrap Market Update, Ryan Weldon, from IFM’s Debt Investments Team in New York, discusses the US Federal Reserve’s shift into policy tightening mode following the late January FOMC meeting, and the extent of the potential rate hikes that are currently priced into the market for 2022.

Dec 23 2021

In this edition of our Fed Wrap Market Update, Ryan Weldon, from IFM’s Debt Investments Team in New York, discusses the US Federal Reserve’s decision to accelerate tapering at its December meeting in response to stronger than expected inflation data and the impact on rate hike expectations.

Dec 17 2021

In this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update, Chief Economist Alex Joiner provides his 2022 Economic Outlook. He believes most advanced economies should continue to deliver above trend growth rates in 2022 as the recovery broadens and supply-demand imbalances abate. But uncertainty remains elevated and the Omicron COVID variant presents downside growth risks.

Dec 8 2021

The sustainability of communities where we invest is essential for IFM to deliver on our purpose, which is to protect and grow the long-term retirement savings of working people around the world. Our 2021 Community Grants Program is supporting a range of projects across the globe targeting social and environmental outcomes that aim to boost community resilience and inclusiveness.

Nov 22 2021

Key outcomes from this year’s COP26 include pledges to phase down coal-powered energy, reduce methane emissions, halt deforestation and accelerate the move to electric vehicles and sustainable aviation fuels. Bilateral and global collaborations remain critical to tackling the climate challenge. As global temperatures continue to rise, we recognise the importance of accelerating climate action over the next decade, and we are committed to working with our investors and other stakeholders globally to do this.

Nov 17 2021

Anglian Water – an asset in our global infrastructure portfolio - has broken ground on the largest drinking water grid project that the United Kingdom (UK) has seen for a generation. The £400million project will create a new 500km-network of pipelines, which will be longer than any motorway in the UK. The pipeline network is designed to transfer water from well-supplied areas to regions where it is less readily available.

Nov 11 2021

In this edition of our Fed Wrap Market Update, Ryan Weldon, from IFM’s Debt Investments Team in New York, discusses the US Federal Reserve’s decision to start tapering its asset purchases following the November policy meeting, and how this has impacted rate hike expectations and debt market pricing.

Nov 3 2021

Our Chief Executive, David Neal, made a short video to highlight the actions IFM Investors is taking now and over the coming decade to target net zero carbon emissions across our investment portfolios by 2050.

Oct 27 2021

In this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update, Chief Economist Alex Joiner discusses the factors behind the recent acceleration in global inflation and how it has impacted global bond markets. A key question for investors is whether this is just a temporary blip, or the start of a more persistent inflationary trend. 

Oct 1 2021

Recorded by Alex in Melbourne’s ongoing lockdown, this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update with Chief Economist Alex Joiner discusses the OECD’s latest forecast for economic global growth and the recent weakness in the US equity market.

Sep 15 2021

With the support of IFM’s community grants program, Aqualia has partnered with bird conservation organisation SEO Birdlife to restore a lagoon ecosystem in Medina del Campo that is part of a waste water treatment system. The water purification and re-use project, which has been running for more than a decade, has increased biodiversity, water quality and water level stability in the local ecosystem.

Sep 7 2021

The recent flattening of the yield curve has occurred very quickly and suggests the recovery may not be as strong as previously thought. As Kashi Trathen, Associate Director, Debt Investments, explains, this has implications for monetary and fiscal policy as the government tries to avoid another steep downturn in the economy.

Oct 12 2021

We’ve announced interim an emissions reduction target of 1.16 million tonnes CO2e by 2030 across our infrastructure asset class. As well, we’ve made changes to our investment and asset management processes, and committed to increased, transparent reporting.

Sep 1 2021

Recorded by Alex in Melbourne’s ongoing lockdown, this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update with Chief Economist Alex Joiner focuses on global central banks and their diverging policy responses as countries start to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic.

Aug 10 2021

One approach that investors can take to manage climate related risk in equity portfolios is to lower carbon exposure. In this article, Laurence Irlicht, Executive Director Indexed and Quantitative Equities, and David Welch, Associate Director, discuss how IFM implements low carbon strategies suitable for core equity portfolios in Australia and globally.

Aug 3 2021

Anglian Water’s 2030 net zero carbon routemap is an important milestone in the company’s sustainability journey. The detailed plan includes a range of measures from maximising energy efficiencies and boosting renewable energy production to greater use of hydrogen and alternative fuels across vehicle fleets and other operational areas.

Aug 2 2021

Recorded by Alex in the most recent Melbourne lockdown, this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update with Chief Economist Alex Joiner analyses the resurgence of COVID-19 cases that is occurring globally and the implications for the growth outlook and the performance of bond and equity markets.

Jul 5 2021

IFM’s role as a long-term equity partner in Manchester Airports Group has been featured in a PensionsEurope and ITN Productions Industry News report. The report offers a case study in how retirement savings can be invested to benefit the community while generating profit. It showcases the £1 billion Manchester Airport Transformation Program that aims to boost local employment and the customer experience.

Jul 5 2021

In early 2021, IFM updated our corporate parental leave policy. Global Head of People and Culture Amelia McArdle explains how enabling parents to fully participate in early-age child care is helping IFM to create an inclusive workplace.

Jul 6 2021

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiencies have earned Manchester Airports Group (MAG) a #23 ranking in a list of Europe’s top 300 climate leaders for 2021. With the support of IFM investors and other shareholders, MAG continues to implement of range of measures as it focuses on achieving net zero carbon operations by 2038.

Jun 21 2021

With global economies recovering and inflation pressures rising, Kashi Trathen, Associate Director, Debt Investments, discusses his views on Australia’s steep yield curve and what it potentially means for the Reserve Bank of Australia’s future monetary policy actions.

Jun 8 2021

The future of work, investing in health and safety, and the importance of the ‘S’ in ESG were the main topics at the Pension Investment Research Consultants’ (PIRC) inaugural ‘WORK’ Conference, held in the UK in early May. The PIRC advise local government pension schemes, corporate funds, and Sovereign Wealth Funds. Duncan Symonds, Executive Director, Asset Management in our London office.

Jun 2 2021

IFM Investors continues to work collaboratively with our investors and other investment industry stakeholders globally to promote improved management and disclosure of climate-related risks. In late 2020, we became a founding signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, and we are excited to be working with a growing number of co-signatories to share our infrastructure expertise and help galvanise the asset management industry to commit to net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.

May 31 2021

In this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update, Chief Economist Alex Joiner discusses the disparate Q1 “growth pulse” across the major global economies and explains the on-going importance of stimulatory fiscal policy to underpin the global economic recovery.

May 24 2021

The cornerstone of our responsible investment and stewardship approach is managing a range of risks and opportunities relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. In efforts to maximise investment outcomes, we systematically and explicitly consider ESG data alongside financial data to shape our decisions throughout the investment process.

May 24 2021

Melbourne Airport’s 12 megawatt (MW) solar farm offers an example of critical social infrastructure creating operational efficiencies, adding value and reducing carbon emissions. Michael Hanna, IFM’s Head of Infrastructure, Australia, provides details about the project and how it aligns to IFM Investors’ approach to supporting portfolio companies to prosper in the transition to a net zero future.

Apr 29 2021

In this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update, Chief Economist Alex Joiner discusses the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) upgrades to its global growth forecasts, the medium term challenges that continue to confront developed economies and the factors underpinning the recent strength in equity markets.

Apr 21 2021

Our Private Equity team integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its investment analysis and decision making and ongoing asset management activities. David Odgers, Executive Director, Private Equity provides an excerpt from our 2020 Responsible Business Report demonstrating the team’s ESG approach in action using portfolio company case study: My Plan Manager.

Apr 21 2021

IFM Investors stands against all forms of forced labour and is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within our supply chain and the supply chains of our investments. Chris Newton, Executive Director, Responsible Investment provides an overview of IFM’s approach to preventing modern slavery risks.

Mar 23 2021

As the world transitions towards renewable energy, which companies will be the ultimate winners and losers? Jim Copland, Executive Director of the IFM Active Small Caps team, takes questions on how Australian small cap mining stocks could benefit from the expected demand surge for the raw minerals and metals used in the production of batteries, especially those destined for electric vehicles.

Mar 17 2021

IFM community grant funding is supporting the Port of Brisbane and Ocean Crusaders to expand a program to that is helping people develop skills for further employment, while cleaning up Brisbane’s waterways. The projects aims to remove significant debris from mangrove areas adjacent to the newly constructed Brisbane International Cruise Terminal (BICT) seawall - where litter is a significant issue impacting the environment and wildlife. The project aligns to the Port of Brisbane’s sustainability strategy, aiming to improve environmental and social conditions in the port’s community.

Mar 16 2021

In this edition of IFM’s Monthly Economic Update, Chief Economist Alex Joiner discusses how the Australian economy is faring within the emerging global recovery, the outlook for the Reserve Bank of Australia’s monetary policy and the key factors driving global markets, particularly the recent rise in long term bond yields.

Mar 11 2021

We’ve partnered with the University of Sydney Business School to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on women’s participation in the labour market and how applying a gender lens might help drive economic growth and build gender equality. In this video, lead researcher Professor Rae Cooper highlights that applying a gender lens to recovery efforts will help create good jobs that increase women’s participation in the labour market and build gender equality.

Mar 10 2021

At the end of December 2020, the percentage of female directors on ASX200 company boards was 32.4 per cent, up from 30.9 per cent seven months earlier in May. At IFM Investors, we understand greater diversity at the board and executive team level leads to broader thinking and ultimately, better decision making, and we continue to collaborate with like-minded investors as we seek to drive further improvements in this area. Chris Newton, Executive Director Responsible Investment, highlights examples of collaborative engagements we undertook in 2020 on the theme of gender diversity.

Mar 10 2021

In 2021, IFM Investors will continue to roll out a refreshed corporate inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy, which includes gender diversity targets, unconscious bias training and the removal of candidate names and high schools from resumes.

Mar 5 2021

During an IFM Investors Investment Committee meeting in 2010, there was active debate about a pressing issue: “what should the portfolio concentration limits be for various infrastructure sub-sectors, such as utilities or roads?” This prompted the formation of a team that spent a year researching and designing a portfolio construction methodology, culminating in the launch of InFRAMETM in mid-2011. This is the story of InFRAME and how it continues to contribute to our infrastructure portfolios.

Mar 3 2021

The IFM Investors Community Grants Program was designed to support our infrastructure investee companies to collaborate with local community organisations on projects that create mutual benefits. In response to the plight of more than 400,000 seafarers stranded at sea due to COVID-19, the Program has recently helped to fund the introduction of the Seafarer Connect project at DP World Australia’s Port Botany terminal.

Feb 25 2021

We continue to work with and support our infrastructure assets globally to develop and implement energy efficiency and carbon reduction programs. Infrastructure Asset Management Executive Director Duncan Symonds, outlines some of UK-based Anglian Water’s use of renewable energy sources.

Jan 28 2021

Adrian Kerley, Executive Director, discusses the role Australian Private Equity can play in delivering enhanced returns and improved diversification to institutional portfolios. In particular, he points to some of the opportunities in today’s marketplace – particularly in the Australian mid-market sector – where experienced private equity investors can potentially improve corporate growth over the long term.