What sets IFM Investors apart?

Our ownership by 17 pension funds aligns the interests of the firm with those of our investors.
Long-term approach
We invest patiently and strategically, with returns measured across decades. Investors sit alongside like-minded, well-capitalised institutions with aligned interests.
Dedicated, experienced
Our seasoned, global team of more than 100 infrastructure professionals has expertise in deal sourcing, due diligence, portfolio construction and asset management.
Deal flow
Our collective scale and shared vision results in robust access to global deal flow.
We apply a thorough due diligence process, building diversified portfolios that have stable cash yield, participation in economic growth and protection from inflation.
Active asset management
Expertise in asset management allows us to add value through asset transitions, strategic initiatives, operational insights and capital management.

Infrastructure Insights


Chris Newton,
Executive Director, Responsible Investment

Our inaugural 2020 Climate Change Report outlines the work underway to manage climate change risk across our investment portfolios. It is in the format recommended by the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Michael Landman,
Executive Director

Our proprietary risk management system – InFRAME – helps guide the decision-making process in constructing balanced, core infrastructure portfolios. Almost a decade on, our investment philosophy and framework have remained fundamentally sound.

May Soh,
Investment Director

Leveraging technology for improved road safety. Find out more on how a diligent approach to transforming the safety culture and leveraging technology at the Indiana Toll Road has resulted in measurable safety improvements.

Open-ended structure

Our infrastructure funds are open-ended. This allows long-term liabilities to be exposed to long-term investments. Benefits of an open-ended structure include:

  • Long-term approach – we are not required to divest investments at a pre-determined point in time; we can own assets for the long-term
  • Existing portfolio – investors access a known portfolio of core investments diversified by geography and sub-sector
  • Preferred partner – governments, regulators and strategic operators recognise that we are a patient, responsible investor
  • Embedded opportunities – existing investments and established relationships can be valuable sources of proprietary deal flow.


Core infrastructure, developed markets

Core infrastructure in developed markets offers portfolio diversification along with stable cash yields and protection from inflation. As such, we target investments with reliable revenue streams that have a link to inflation and/or participate in economic growth, and focus on countries with established regulatory environments and strong rule-of-law.


Responsible investment

Responsible investment considerations are embedded in our investment decision-making processes and are benchmarked against global best practice. Our experience and research tells us that well-governed companies make for better long-term investments. We have been a signatory to the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment since 2008 and have a Group Corporate Environmental, Social & Governance Policy that determines our approach to the governance of investee entities.

Our approach to responsible investment is closely aligned to the United Nations Global Compact, which enjoys global consensus and supports a set of core principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and governance. IFM Investors is also a member of ESG Research Australia and the Investor Group on Climate Change.

Global and Australian Infrastructure Portfolio

We have managed infrastructure investments for more than 20 years and prioritise two open-ended, pooled funds. In global infrastructure, we invest in core assets predominantly in Europe and North America, and selectively in other regions. In Australian infrastructure, we invest in core assets predominantly in Australia.

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Robust deal flow

A strong market profile and extensive networks provide us with robust access to deal flow.

  • We have a wealth of experience in asset acquisitions, having completed more than 50 infrastructure investments over more than 20 years.
  • We maintain extensive global networks with strategic operators, regulators and governments, making us attractive to vendors that wish to ensure the long-term viability of infrastructure.
  • We can participate in investment opportunities embedded within investments and through relationships with strategic partners; these are valuable sources of proprietary deals.