Active Equities

Australian Core Equities

Our Australian Core Equities strategy combines a systematic and fundamental approach that aims to outperform the benchmark over a full cycle. The strategy’s philosophy is that listed equity markets, particularly larger capitalised stocks, are relatively efficient and that the best approach for adding consistent value is to use a systematic (or quantitative) approach combined with the judgment and skills of a fundamental overlay.

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Australian Equities Extended Alpha

Our Australian Equities Extended Alpha strategy (or 130/30) combines a systematic and a fundamental approach that aims to capture a significantly higher exposure to alpha factors through the use of shorting ) which aids improved portfolio alignment.  A diversified basket of short positions reduces stock specific risk and allows the portfolio to also profit from falling stock prices.

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Asia-Pacific Market Neutral

Our Asia-Pacific Market Neutral strategy is a pure alpha strategy that combines the quantitative technique of seeking alpha from long-standing behavioural biases with fundamental insights. This approach is intended to capture returns from value and momentum signals as well as take into account risks such as ‘crowded trades’ and ‘value traps’ that traditional quantitative investors tend to overlook.

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Australian Small Caps

Our Small Caps investment strategy applies focused and rigorous fundamental research to identify mispriced stocks. Our research effort is supported by consistent and systematic portfolio construction techniques to extract excess returns while maintaining low relative portfolio risk.

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Australian Micro Cap

Our Australian Micro Caps strategy is based around the belief that the Australian Micro Caps market has a number of inefficiencies that create added value for disciplined, professional investors. The strategy combines a focused, rigorous fundamental research approach to identify mispriced stocks in the investment universe and a consistent and systematic methodology to extract alpha while maintaining a low relative risk portfolio.

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Listed Equities Insights

Listed Equities

Mark McClatchey,
Executive Director, Active Large Cap Equities

Short selling remains controversial and raises issues that investors should consider, including the ethics of shorting and the risk of “infinite” losses if the company’s share price rises rather than falls.
Listed Equities

Chris Newton,
Executive Director, Responsible Investment

IFM Investors is a strong advocate for greater transparency and improved human rights in the fresh food supply chain.
Listed Equities

Jim Copland,
Executive Director. Small Caps

When it comes to assessing small cap mining and explorer stocks, IFM Investors looks for five key attributes: quality, liquidity, a pathway to rerating, ESG compliance and portfolio fit.

Indexed | Smart Beta

Australian Indexed Equities

IFM Investors is a leader in after-tax investing in Australian equities. We were one of the first managers to create pooled funds specific to different tax-rate investors. Our flagship Australian Indexed Equities capability aims to outperform the index by carefully implementing trading and enhancement strategies. The goal is to exploit market inefficiencies as they arise to add value on an after-tax basis.

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Global Indexed Equities

Our Global Indexed Equities strategy is to closely track the performance of the MSCI World Index while also minimising turnover related costs. The result of considerable in-house research, our strategy blends pragmatic market-based rules (such as limiting region and sector active weights) with powerful optimisation techniques.

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Global Smart Beta

Our Global Smart Beta strategies aim to maximise the realised earnings of the portfolio over the medium to long term. We invest in companies that have resilient earnings, favouring stocks that provide relatively cheaper exposure to those earnings.

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Responsible investment in listed equities

IFM Investors has been entrusted with investors’ funds and we have a duty to make responsible, long-term investment decisions. For these reasons, we are committed to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment factors into our decision making process.

We aim to promote ESG practices that meet or exceed current market best practice and actively engage with businesses on particular issues. The active portfolio aims to have an ESG score higher than the benchmark.

Refer to Responsible Investment – Stewardship for details about our recent proxy voting activity.