Bruce Potts Executive Director

Joined in 2009 (associated with IFM Investors since 1999)

Bruce is responsible for co-managing the IFM Specialised Credit Fund (SCF) and is also involved in credit analysis and product development within the Debt Investments Team. Prior to joining IFM Investors, Bruce was the portfolio manager in charge of credit investments at AllianceBernstein. Bruce has been involved in SCF since its inception in 1999 and during that time, controlled SCF’s asset allocation and the implementation of its investment policy as well as overseeing its investments. Prior to this, Bruce held various positions within National Mutual (later National Mutual Funds Management) where he was involved in a range of treasury and investment operations and direct portfolio management of client funds, focussing on short-end and structured assets. As a credit specialist, he was closely engaged in the evolving asset backed securities market (including RMBS), across the credit risk spectrum. Bruce also has considerable experience investing in hybrids as well as PPP assets, particularly for backing annuity liabilities. In his early career, Bruce was an academic at Monash University in the fields of economics, taxation and business finance.