IFM Investors True alignment

A diversified and truly aligned global fund manager

More than 20 years ago, our pension fund owners had the noble idea to create an investor-owned fund manager where the profits and scale benefits would be shared with investors’ members. Today, this investor-owned model is the foundation of everything we do. It affects how we invest and how we manage our people and culture.

Our purpose

Established by all-profit-to-members Australian superannuation funds, IFM Investors focuses on delivering superior net investment returns to members of superannuation and pension funds and like-minded institutional investors around the world.

IFM Investors’ distinct ownership drives an alignment with investor objectives, a commitment to investing for the long term, and respect for labour rights and environmental and social responsibility.

Investment capabilities

We manage funds across four asset classes – infrastructure, debt investments, listed equities and private equity. Our global team of experts offers wide specialisation, knowledge and experience. We pursue investment strategies on behalf of like-minded investors, focusing on delivering strong, consistent performance over the long term.